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I never thought onboarding new employees could be so easy and seamless! We used to spend hours on it, but now with MintHR all it takes me is few minutes. The applicant tracking system included in the platform eliminates the need for manual data entry - no more time spent on tedious paperwork!

Thanks to MintHR, my HR team can now manage their remote and hybrid employees easily. All data are centralized in one place and fully customizable for various needs. MintHR's interface makes it easy for anyone on staff with minimal training time!

MintHR help us better manage leaves and absences. Our teams are better organized during holidays season! My favorite part about the MintHR implementation process was how supportive and helpful the support team has been. They have been able to answer any questions that I had, and make adjustments on our account for us!

We decided to choose MintHR because it's a modern and easy to use cloud-based solution. Besides there are no hidden fees or surcharges associated with the software. Quick implementation time as well! The support team is always available for assistance which makes them truly helpful.

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