Offer a unique employee experience to your collaborators at all stages of their career : from recruitment to their departure from the company.


Don't miss out on the ideal candidate!

Thanks to your MintHR platform, you don't need to waste time reviewing all resumes. MintHR allows you to classify applications received into specific categories HR can consult just-in-time.

Create job descriptions quickly and easily

Create job descriptions directly on your HR profile and choose the platforms to publish them on. MintHR takes care of the rest!

Centralize your applications

Follow each application's status and add your opinions and comments to facilitate communication within the company.

Onboarding / Offboarding

Successfully onboard new hires

Access a detailed checklist of all steps to onboard new hires, including logistical elements such as allocation of office space, equipment, first day agenda and schedule.

Ensure a smooth offboarding

Complete the MintHR checklist when an employee leaves to ensure nothing is forgotten. You can modify this list according to your specific needs.

Training Management

Automate employees’ training requests

Training employees is essential. Managing it is time consuming. That's why MintHR enables employees to place their training requests in a simple and intuitive way.

Customize your online training catalog

Add your company's training catalogs and offer your employees the possibility to browse them and choose the relevant training courses for them.

Employee engagement

Take the pulse of your collaborators' moral

Have real time data to know how your employees feel: stress level, motivation, workload, adherence to decisions, etc…

your HR & IT processes

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