The all-in-one employee experience platform
that grows with you

Core HR

Access all your employee data in a few clicks.


Easily manage time off requests and approvals.

Expense management

Automate employee expense requests and approvals.

Document management

Go paperless by automating document requests and approvals and help save our planet.

IT service management

Optimize hardware and software management and streamline your IT support requests.

Training management

Track your employees-training with an easy-to-use training management system and grow your staff knowledge.

Talent acquisition

Streamline your recruitment process from candidate sourcing to hiring.


Automate your onboarding process and make sure you set your new hires up for long-term success.

Payroll preparation

Gather all the information required to prepare payroll.

KPI and reports

Manage HR in real time using up to date reports and KPIs.

  • Core HR

  • Training management

  • Time-off

  • Talent acquisition

  • Expense management

  • Onboarding

  • Document management

  • Payroll preparation

  • IT service management

  • KPI and reports

How MintHR helps
you tackle your HR & IT challenges ?

MintHR is an employee management platform that helps you do more with less.

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Access all relevant HR KPIs and metrics and make well-informed strategic decisions.


Access reliable KPIs and metrics to manage payroll and reduce operational costs.


Simplify your day-to-day HR management and free up time for more strategic tasks.


Improve your IT support service and reinforce your added value within the company.


Benefit from a remote access & employee self-service platform and get rid of low-value admintratives tasks.

Problems solved by MintHR


You'll save time on administrative HR & IT processes


Automate administrative HR & IT processes so you can save time and focus on the core business.


Other HRIS solutions cover only admin and HR


Offer to your talents a unique employee experience that covers not only admin and HR but also IT services, facility management, etc.


Your HR function digital transformation will be fast and easy


Depending on the size of your company, the integration time of MintHR platform can range from a few hours to a few days.


You'll improve employees engagement


Improve communication and team cohesion by offering a better employee experience.


You'll streamline your recruiting process


From candidates sourcing to scheduling interviews, our applicant tracking system helps you find and hire the right talent.


You'll centralize your HR data in one platform, available 24/7


Using an Excel spreadsheet for HR tasks is like using a fork to eat soup! With MintHR, HR data is consistent, accurate and organized in one place.


You'll have access to an easy-to-use and intuitive HR software solution


MintHR helps you address employees recurring pains and simplify your HR and IT processes thanks to a unique user friendly interface.


You'll better manage your remote workforce


Lean on MintHR to manage your remote employees easily and let them feel as if they were at the office.


You'll have access to accurate HR reports & KPIs


Having access to accurate and updated information is a must for every decision maker. Receive an up-to-date overview of your HR reports and KPIs instantly.


Your data privacy and security will be strengthened


Our information security management system is ISO 27001 certified by DQS, the leading German certification body.


1 / 4

I never thought onboarding new employees could be so easy and seamless! We used to spend hours on it, but now with MintHR all it takes me is few minutes. The applicant tracking system included in the platform eliminates the need for manual data entry - no more time spent on tedious paperwork!

Thanks to MintHR, my HR team can now manage their remote and hybrid employees easily. All data are centralized in one place and fully customizable for various needs. MintHR's interface makes it easy for anyone on staff with minimal training time!

MintHR help us better manage leaves and absences. Our teams are better organized during holidays season! My favorite part about the MintHR implementation process was how supportive and helpful the support team has been. They have been able to answer any questions that I had, and make adjustments on our account for us!

We decided to choose MintHR because it's a modern and easy to use cloud-based solution. Besides there are no hidden fees or surcharges associated with the software. Quick implementation time as well! The support team is always available for assistance which makes them truly helpful.

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