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HR Tech

What is HR Tech?



What is HR Tech?


HR tech, or as it is more formally known – Human Resources Technology – is a term for the software and hardware used to make the job of Human Resources professionals easier. It includes a broad range of applications, including:


Why should a company implement HR tech?


By implementing talent management technology, you remove the administrative burden that has been part of the HR role for so long.

Instead of dealing with paperwork and following up on missing data, the professionals in your HR department can put their efforts into more strategic activities and supports rapid professional growth, which will truly benefit employees and the organization. Some of the other benefits of HR technology include :


Fewer errors :


Manual data entry and paper-based systems are time-consuming and prone to errors. Using an only software platform makes the need to update data less frequent, which means fewer opportunities for error.


Easier employee life cycle management :


HR tech can help you with its innovative solutions streamline employee onboarding and offboarding processes. This not only makes life easier for the HR professionals responsible for employee life cycle management, but it also means a smoother and more impressive onboarding and offboarding process for employees – a key element in building a positive employee brand.


Easier access to key documents :


Using HR tech means key documents can be stored in a secure and centralized location that is normally accessible from anywhere. This makes it easier for remote working employees to access key documents; it also means everyone knows where key information is to be found and reduces the risk of incorrect duplicates circulating.


Easier people analytics :


HR tech means easier and more rewarding people analytics. Many business intelligence software tools have interfaces that enable HR professionals to view KPIs in just a few clicks. You can cut and slice employee data by demographic, department, and tenure for easier and more effective analysis and decision-making.


More efficient recruitment :


Applicant tracking systems are an example of HR tech streamlining the recruitment process. Tools will help you sort through CVs and applicants to find appropriate shortlists, and once you’re at the interview stage, you can move candidates through the system without having the update files or manually move data.


How can HR tech improve your company culture?


HR tech can play a big role in improving workplace culture. By automating HR processes and making it easier for employees to access HR services, you make the working environment more streamlined and efficient.

This, in turn, can lead to increased employee satisfaction and engagement, which are key drivers of company culture. When HR tech is used effectively, it can help to create a more positive company culture by:

  • Reducing HR administrative burdens
  • Improving HR service delivery
  • Enabling HR to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Creating a more efficient and streamlined workplace
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.


How can HR tech improve employee well-being in a company?


HR tech can be a powerful ally in improving employee well-being. That is because it can give you an insight into the way employees are behaving. This, in turn, can act as a flag to warn you about potential problems before they get out of hand.


  • Unplanned employee absence can indicate poor health due to overwork; it can also hint at problems in the team, such as bullying or harassment.


  • Uptake of employee leave can indicate problems too. If employees are not taking their leave, it could indicate personal problems, which means they do not want to spend time at home. It could also suggest a sense of job insecurity which is leading to presenteeism.


  • Poor employee performance can also act as a warning. If a previously strong performing employee starts missing targets this night, it indicates health problems or team issues.


By using HR tech as an early warning system, you can start to understand your workforce better by building strategic education benefits programs for employees and taking steps to improve job design and workplace culture.


Examples of how HR tech is used :


HR technology is used in a number of ways to improve HR processes and employee wellbeing.

Some of the most common examples include:


HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) 


HRIS systems are used to store employee data, such as contact details, work history, and performance records. HRIS systems can also be used to track employee absences, holidays, and payroll.


Recruitment software 


Recruitment software is used to help HR professionals find, attract, and hire the best candidates for open positions. Recruitment software can also be used to track applicant progress through the recruitment process.


Performance management systems 


Performance management systems are used to track employee performance and identify areas for improvement. Performance management systems can also be used to set employee goals and measure progress towards those goals.


Time and attendance tracking


Time and attendance tracking systems are used to track employee hours worked, as well as absences and late arrivals. Time and attendance tracking can also be used to calculate overtime pay and to monitor staff productivity.


Employee self-service portals 


Employee self-service portals are online platforms that give employees 24/7 access to HR services and information. Employee self-service portals can be used to update personal details, request time off, and view payslips.


HR chatbots 


HR chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots that can be used to answer HR-related queries. HR chatbots can be used to provide employees with information on HR policies, procedures, and benefits.


HR analytics 


HR analytics is the process of using data and analytics to improve HR decision-making. HR analytics can be used to identify trends in employee data, such as absences, attrition, and engagement. HR analytics can also be used to benchmark HR performance against other organizations.


How to implement HR tech?


HR technology can be implemented in several ways, depending on the organization's needs.

Some organizations may choose to purchase HR software that meets their specific needs. Others may opt for an all-in-one HR platform that includes a range of HR tools and features.

Some organizations may also choose to develop involved resources tech hubs solutions. This can be done by working with top tech companies or by building in-house HR technology capabilities.

HR technology can also be outsourced to remotely HR tech software provider. This option is often used by small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the resources to implement HR technology in-house.

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